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Constitution Requirements

All student organizations at Appalachian State University are required to have a constitution. Your constitution must be included in your New Student Organization Chartering Application via Engage.  The following template is provided as a guide in creating a new constitution. If you have any questions, please contact Club Council at [email protected] or stop by Club Hub in 219 Plemmons Student Union.

The following items are required to be in your constitution:

  1. Membership Requirements:  You must state that the majority of your membership (50%+1) must be AppState students, and only  AppState students are allowed to be officers or hold leadership positions.
  2. Role of the Faculty or Staff Advisor. (Must be decided between the student membership and willing advisor). 
  3. Supremacy Clause:  You must state that you will abide by all University, State, and Federal laws and policies. Here is the language we encourage clubs and organizations to use: 
    1. ___(your club/organization)________ "club agrees to follow all Appalachian State University, State, and Federal laws and policies."
  4. Non-Discrimination Clause:  This clause is created by The General Counsel's Office and is strongly enforced by Campus Activities. Therefore, if the following language isn't in your club/organization's constitution you will not be recognized through Campus Activities and receive the benefits. 
    1. ___(your club/organization)_____ "states that no student will be excluded from membership or participation on the basis of their race, color, religious status or historic religious affiliation, sex, national origin, age, political affiliation, veteran status, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity and expression, or unless exempt under Title IX."
  5. Process for Election and Removal of Officers: Be sure to include detailed information for how you plan to elect and remove officers. We also encourage you to include removal of members as well. 
  6. Finances:  If you are planning to apply for funding through Club Council then you have to obtain an EIN through the IRS and open an off-campus bank account. This section needs to be detailed in how will your club/organization will manage funds, who is responsible, and the transferring of the organziation's bank account and EIN to the next officers. Campus Activities requires two individals, preferably officers, to be on the club's bank account.

Need help writing your constitution? Check out the Constitutions Template to assist you.