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Student Learning Outcomes

Research (opens in a new tab) indicates that engagement outside the classroom directly correlates with student success and sense of belonging. Students experience growth and development by engaging in our programs, activities, and services and through meaningful interactions with our staff. Below are descriptions of our mission and the four dimensions and outcomes that students will learn or develop by participating in Campus Activities at Appalachian State University.

Our Vision

The Office of Campus Activities facilitates transformational student experiences by creating a vibrant student life community where all students feel valued, connected, and successful.

Our Mission

We are committed to the holistic development and success of all students, the cultivation of inclusive spaces and communities, and the fostering of meaningful relationships and lifelong learning.


Students will analyze information and ideas from a variety of sources and perspectives to make informed decisions.

  • Research, evaluate, and synthesize information from various sources
  • Develop alternative perspectives and solutions by critically assessing the problem or situation
  • Analyze the consequences of their actions or inaction
  • Apply theories, concepts and previous experiences to inform new situations and creatively solve practical problems

Students will identify their personal values, identities, motivations, and strengths to enhance personal wellbeing and self-awareness.

  • Act based upon analysis of one's values, beliefs, strengths, and challenges
  • Practice a personalized approach to physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional health and wellness
  • Manage adversity and life challenges in a flexible and ethical manner that promotes individual growth and development

Students will articulate the value of a healthy team along with organizational mission and values.

  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively contribute to a team effort
  • Illustrate group consensus building
  • Define organizational values and goals
  • Demonstrate an ability to successfully manage conflict

Students will examine and explain their ethical responsibility to contribute to the larger community.

  • Articulate the contributions diversity and inclusion brings to their own organization, campus, and society
  • Identify communities to which they belong, and describe how their actions impact those communities
  • Demonstrate an understanding and commitment to social justice
  • Develop strategies to create inclusive and welcoming communities