Policies & Guidelines

All recognized student organizations at Appalachian State University are required to abide by University policies and guidelines outlined in the policies and guidelines below.  It is the responsibility of organization presidents to educate their members about these policies and expectations. Please stop by the Campus Activities Office in 244 Plemmons Student Union for any questions or clarification about these policies.  

Clubs and organizations are required to:

  • Have a full-time faculty or staff advisor
  • Have a club constitution
  • Maintain at least 10 members (50% +1 must be enrolled AppState students)
  • Attend CORE Conference in the Fall
  • Attend Town Hall in the Spring
  • Renew their registration with the Office of Campus Activities on an annual basis (renewal window begins in April)
  • Provide the Office of Campus Activities with updated information in Engage when new officers have been elected

Student Organization Policies

Student Organization Policy Manual This manual outlines policies and guidelines that all recognized student organizations are expected to follow. It is organization presidents responsibility to educate their members about these policies and expectations. 

Organizational Code of Conduct

The Organizational Code of Conduct applies to all recognized student organizations and members. All student organizations are subject to disciplinary review and/or sanctions by Appalachian State University if they violate the community standards of the Organizational Code of Conduct. The University is committed to the principle of fundamental fairness for registered student organizations.

Facility Use Policy

This policy is adopted for the orderly use of University facilities and property by University departments, recognized student clubs and organizations, University affiliated groups and persons, and non-University affiliated groups and organizations and persons, as well as to establish parameters and procedures governing the distribution of printed materials on property owned or controlled by Appalachian State University.

Tunnel Painting

The walls and ceilings of the pedestrian tunnels under Rivers Street are a University venue for students to communicate their messages and information to those passing through the tunnels. Such students should understand that the primary purpose of the tunnels is to provide safe passage across Rivers Street for members of the University community and others (including campus visitors, families and children, persons attending campus events, etc.).


This is the policy regarding chalking on campus. Visit section 3.20 for specific permissions.

PSU Reservation & Facility Usage

The use of the Plemmons Student Union & Legends is reserved during the academic year for AppState students and their guests, and university organizations and departments. This policy outlines the reservation and facility usage in PSU.

Student Organization Food Sale Policy

Provides an overview of what foods can be distributed or sold on campus for health and safety reasons.

Film & Video Copyright Laws

All student organizations are expected to follow the copyright laws for showing films and videos on campus as outlined in this document. 

Student Organization Activites & Taxation

When conducting activities, student organizations need to be aware of the various State and Federal laws governing income and the sale of goods or services. This page will provide some helpful links for student organization leaders to navigate the various questions that may arise regarding sales and income taxes.

McCaskey Center Forms & Guidelines

Solicitation Form

This form must be completed and approved by the Office of Campus Activities. This form must be completed a minimum of five (5) business days prior to the event when anything of value is being exchanged. Any facility or solicitation location will be assigned only after this form is approved by the Office of Campus Activities.

Club Mailbox Guidelines

The following guidelines outline appropriate methods of receiving student organization mail (envelopes and/or packages) in Club Hub. All clubs must use PO BOX 32200.

Club Banner Guidelines

Student organizations are eligible to hang banners in Plemmons Student Union along the 2nd-floor railings in the Cascades atrium area. To reserve a banner space, you must complete the Banner Reservation Form in Engage.  

Engage Card Reader Guidelines

These guidelines outline instructions for registered student organizations to request Engage card readers to track participation at their events. To reserve a card reader, you must complete the Card Reader Reservation Form in Engage.