Student Organization Leadership Awards Descriptions

The purpose of the Student Organization Leadership Awards (SOLA) is to recognize the outstanding leadership and achievements of Appalachian State University’s student organizations, students, and advisors.  The awards ceremony is hosted by the Office of Campus Activities and Club Council.

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Student Organization Leadership Awards (SOLA)



Collaboration Award

This award goes to a group of organizations (two or more) that have successfully worked together to sponsor or host an event or program that has benefited the AppState campus community. 

Community Impact Award

This award recognizes a club that has contributed time, support, or money on a local level to better the Boone community.

Outstanding Educational Program

This award goes to the best and most effective educational program put on by a club or organization.

Membership Development Award

This is an award for clubs that more than serve the needs of its members through speakers, workshops, retreats, conferences, and other acts to continually educate its members.

Outside the Box Award

This award recognizes clubs or organizations that have shown tremendous creativity and originality in “thinking outside the box.” This could include programming, membership recruitment, or creative marketing. 

Appalachian Image Award

This award is given to the organization that demonstrates excellence in the fulfillment of its purpose, membership and leadership development, campus life enhancement, community contributions and general involvement in the University community. 

Leaders in Action Award

This award recognizes an organization that has placed a strong emphasis on leadership development and campus involvement.

Best New Student Organization

This award recognizes a club or organization that has put forth effort to enhance the AppState community and has maintained strong and consistent operations. Only student organizations that were chartered between during that academic year are eligible for this award.  

Outstanding Organization Awards (Categories) 

These awards recognize SIX organizations who have exemplified outstanding achievements and organizational development among their peer organizations.  Groups are eligible to apply for only ONE category below. Organizations will be awarded based on the following categories:

  • Academic
  • Multicultural
  • Religious & Spiritual
  • Service
  • Special Interest
  • Department Affiliated Organizations (formerly UFO)

Student Organization of the Year

The Student Organization of the Year award is presented to an organization that has made a significant effort to further its purpose through its contribution to Appalachian State University and the Boone community. This award recognizes the student organization that has demonstrated consistent flexibility, initiative, creativity, and perseverance through their activities and programs. Furthermore, the organization embodies the Appalachian spirit through its commitment to leadership development, collaboration among groups, and programmatic efforts to enhance the quality of campus life at Appalachian State University. The Student Organization of the Year is considered a role model for other organizations on our campus.

Individual Leadership Awards



Unsung Champion Award

This award will be presented to a student who has been involved in a variety of activities but has not necessarily held formal leadership positions. It should recognize a person who rarely receives recognition for their work "behind the scenes." 

Rising Star Award

This award is for a first-year member, not necessarily a freshman, who has made great contributions to the organization. 

Outstanding Achievement Award

This prestigious award is designed to recognize an outstanding member within your organization for all of their individual hard work. This award will be presented to a student that, through their achievements, have made a valuable contribution and lasting impact on the Appalachian State University campus and/or surrounding community.

Commitment to Justice Award

This award will be presented to a student who has demonstrated a commitment to justice and/or has been an activist, trying to create positive change for the campus, the Boone community, and/or the world. The individual should have strong leadership, passion, and dedication to a particular issue or collection of issues.

Spirit of Service Award

This award honors a student who has participated in community service with vigor, devotion, and an unshakable positive attitude. This student serves with an inspirational and infectious optimism and leads the way for others through their actions and involvement.

Student Organization Presidential Award

The Student Organization Presidential Award recognizes an outstanding individual who advanced the mission of their student organization while challenging and encouraging the membership to advance new initiatives, acquire new skills, and prepared the group for leadership transition and ongoing success.  The award recipient must display a commitment to leadership development, membership engagement, innovation, and cross-campus collaboration.  Recognition of accomplishments is limited to the current year of presidency. The recipient of this award can be nominated by the organization’s faculty advisor, any active member, or by the president themselves. In the nomination, please give a brief summary of the nominee’s history in the organization, the success achieved by the organization during the current term as president, and explain how the president affected or caused these successes.

Outstanding Advisor Award

Any advisor/coach to a student organization may receive this award. TWO awards will be given: one for general club advisors and the second for advisors to Department Affiliated Organizations (formerly UFOs). The advisor must have a strong educational role within the group and have helped students learn through their involvement. The nominee should demonstrate dedication, availability, and energy in their involvement with their students. They should be valued and respected by those students with whom they work and have a strong understanding of the organization's needs and goals. Note: Only advisors listed on the club roster through Campus Activities are eligible for this award.