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Organizational Code of Conduct

Appalachian State University is an academic community dedicated to teaching, scholarship, research, service, inclusion, and the holistic development of students. As an academic community, the University has an interest in the safety, welfare, and education of the members of this community and in fostering an environment consistent with the educational mission, purpose, and processes of the University. Our mission states that learning takes place within formal and informal instructional settings with dedicated faculty members, in co-curricular programs that enrich classroom experience, in interdisciplinary educational formats, and through outreach to the local community and beyond. Appalachian’s strategic plan states in part that we will continue to provide students with a transformational education by creating and maintaining intellectually challenging academic programs and co-curricular experiences that involve them in civic engagement and community service.

It is through our Recognized Student Organizations that opportunities for growth and development are fostered outside the classroom. Recognized Student Organizations are an integral part of Appalachian’s educational experience. When Recognized Student Organizations voluntarily associate with the University, they assume obligations of performance and behavior consistent with the University’s mission, processes, and functions. These expectations of student organizations in an academic community are higher than those expected of other citizens.

The Organizational Code of Conduct, administered by the Office of Campus Activities, applies to all Appalachian State University Recognized Student Organizations. Actions by individual members of a student organization in the course of their association with that student organization may also be subject to disciplinary action under the Code of Student Conduct administered by the Office of Student Conduct. Nothing in the Organizational Code of Conduct shall preclude the University from taking action against individual students under the Code of Student Conduct

Download: Appalachian State University Organizational Code of Conduct 2020

For questions regarding the Organizational Code of Conduct, please contact Beth Holcomb, Associate Director of Campus Activities.