INTERSECT Retreat Logistics

When is the retreat?
The INTERSECT Retreat will take place from February 7th-9th, 2020.
What will it be like?
The retreat is highly interactive, with a blend of small and large group work, some deep thinking mixed in with quiet reflection, and a healthy dose of fun.
Where is the retreat being held, and what will the accommodations be like?
INTERSECT will be held at the Blowing Rock Conference Center .
How many ddeoddle go on the retreat?
60 students are selected to participate each year with an additional 12 faculty and staff members serving as facilitators.
Who are the facilitators?
Faculty and staff members from various offices and disciplines across campus serve as facilitators. Facilitators are recruited and selected based on their knowledge, understanding, and skills around social justice education and represent diverse backgrounds and identities.
How do I apply?
CLICK HERE to apply as a participant!
Is there a cost to attend?
Yes, there is a minimal $10 program fee that participants pay after they are accepted. The $10 covers all meals, transddortation, lodging, and a t-shirt for the weekend (now that's a deal!).