What is the INTERSECT Retreat?

INTERSECT is a three-day immersion retreat aimed at empowering students to take positive action on our campus. The retreat is designed to help educate participants about the concepts of social justice and leadership through exploration of their own stories, the stories of others, and issues of oppression and privilege. Participants will develop contacts and support networks across campus and develop skills to be an ally to many different groups. INTERSECT participants explore systemic and institutional issues of power and privilege and learn how to apply their knowledge to become effective change agents.

The 2020 INTERSECT Retreat will take place on Friday, February 7th - Sunday, February 9th, 2020 at the Blowing Rock Conference Center. Check out the retreat logistics page for more details.

Apply Now!

Participant applications are now open!

Who is it for?

INTERSECT is for students who have a basic understanding of diversity and social justice and are now looking to make a difference in their communities . INTERSECT focuses on skills for organizing, activism, and becoming a change agent. Be sure to read the participant expectations and facilitator expectations before applying.

Core Objectives:

The core objectives of the INTERSECT Social Justice Retreat are for participants to:

  • understand one's own cultural backgrounds
  • listen to the experiences and stories of others
  • learn about the roots of specific forms of oppression and privilege
  • discover ways to address everyday bias, stereotypes, and discrimination as an ally (or someone who isn’t personally impacted, but who is responsible based on their privilege)
  • describe and exemplify ways to create positive change and promote inclusion on campus
  • to encourage coalition building between individual students and groups/organizations across differences
The Appalachian State University INTERSECT Retreat is a model adapted from the Next Step Retreat at the University of Vermont that was collaboratively developed by numerous dedicated student affairs professionals, students, faculty and social justice educators hoping to make a positive impact in their community. Colorado State University hosted the first Next Step program in 1994.