INTERSECT Participants

The INTERSECT Retreat is made up of about 60 participants (both undergraduate and graduate students) and a team of 12 facilitators who work in teams of two to lead small groups of 10-12 participants through the retreat experience.

Participant Expectations

  • It is mandatory that ALL participants attend the retreat from beginning to end. 
  • It is expected that participants will:
    • Remain mentally and emotionally engaged throughout the retreat.
    • Have a willingness to be open to discussion and learning from everyone involved.
    • Agree to keep confidentiality.

Please note that any student member of the ASU community can apply to participate in INTERSECT. While this is heavily an undergraduate student experience, we know that this experience can be critical for graduate students as well. Therefore, we consider spots for graduate students and previous participants when we lack enough undergraduate students to fill all spots on the retreat. The criteria for participants also varies each year, but we generally look for the following:

  • A range of student identities including race, sexual orientation, gender identity, religion, class, ability, class, age, and citizenship.
  • A range of students of various class-standing, academic colleges, on and off campus residency, and leadership experience.
  • A range of students with prior social justice training or practice experience.

How to Participate:

Participant applications are due Monday, November 11, 2019 at MIDNIGHT. Please click the icon below to apply.

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