Food Sale List


The following foods may be sold by a student organization at an approved on campus food sale event:

  1. Individually sized, commercially prepackaged food items.  (ex. chips, cookies, crackers, candy bars, popsicles, ice cream bars)
  2. Doughnuts commercially prepared and sold individually or by the box.
  3. Popcorn
  4. Cotton candy
  5. Soft pretzels
  6. Candied apples or caramel apples.  Prepackaged caramel dips may be sold.  No sliced apples may be sold except for commercially prepackaged sliced apples.
  7. Whole fruit
  8. Bagels or other bread products sold in individually wrapped servings, with individually sized commercially prepackaged toppings not requiring refrigeration, or self serve toppings not requiring refrigeration.  
  9. Dip ice cream served with commercially prepared, self serve toppings not requiring refrigeration.
  10. Chips served with commercially prepackaged cheese dip or salsa not requiring refrigeration.
  11. Baked products that do not contain cream or egg based fillings and do not require refrigeration, sold in individually wrapped servings. 
  12. Commercially canned or bottled non-alcoholic beverages.
  13. Water based non-alcoholic drinks made from commercially prepackaged mixes. (ex. lemonade, hot chocolate, fruit punch)
  14. Coffee served with commercially prepared, self serve sweeteners and creamers not requiring refrigeration. 
  15. Foods purchased from food service establishments permitted by the Watauga County Health Department for resale by a student organization; provided all food preparation is undertaken by the permitted food service establishment at its permitted location and all food safety requirements of the Recognized Student Organization Food Sales Policy and the Watauga County Health Department are followed by the student organization during the resale of the food.  No permitted food service establishments, other than Appalachian Food Services, are allowed to make direct sales on campus through the Recognized Student Organization Food Sales Policy.  Any signage displaying the name of any food service establishment other than Appalachian Food Services must be approved by Campus Activities.

Non-profit food sale list will be determined on a case by case basis.  Schedule a meeting with Campus Activities to discuss in advance.

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